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Westport Financial will handle your accounting, finance, and planning – saving you hours each day and thousands every month.

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Business Finance Simplified

Westport Financial

At Westport Financial, our Fractional CFOs ensure your financial strategy aligns with business goals. Our finance professionals evaluate your situation and develop short-term and long-term goals with customized approaches to optimize cash flow through budgeting, forecasting, and action planning.

Guiding your small business through growth phases involves financial decisions to engineer success. With our Fractional CFO services, we drive economic performance and ensure sustainable growth by collaborating with your team and implementing a 360-degree plan for your organization.

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Westport Financial, Fractional CFO
Business Finance Simplified

Westport Financial

Westport Financial ensures your business’s financial needs are superseded by financial projections, planning, and cash flow. Our finance professionals evaluate your situation and develop short-term and long-term goals with a customized financial strategy.

We help small businesses optimize cash flow and profitability, guiding them through growth phases. With our Fractional CFO services, we enhance financial reporting and ensure sustainable growth by collaborating with your team and implementing effective financial strategies.

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Westport Financial, Fractional CFO

Our Services

Business Finance for a Fraction of the Cost

Fractional CFO Services

Work with an enterprise-level fractional CFO who can drive small companies to new levels of success. Your business receives an executive for 50% of the cost of a full-time salary.  Receive real-time forecasts, results, and analysis to accelerate profit. Outsourced CFO services help business owners realize their goals.

Bookkeeping & Monthly Financials

We keep SMEs running with up-to-date books and financials from real accountants. Our dedicated accounting support allows small business owners to focus on results. For a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, we help manage cash flow, bookkeeping, and financial statements.

Finance and Accounting Staffing

Our recruiting and staffing services reduce your employment risk, recruit and attract elite talent, and support internal staff. We help build strong cultures of innovation and excellence for a fraction of staffing agency and finder fees. We also create customized executive searches for your plan.

Small Business Financing

Our team works with you to secure working capital to execute your growth strategy. Through each market opportunity, we are here to help facilitate corporate transactions and penetrate growth levers. We have your needs covered from M&A, Equipment, Lines of Credit, Factoring, and other sources of capital.

Managment Consulting

Our team works with your leadership team to formulate comprehensive business solutions for your key challenges. All weaknesses and threats present market opportunities, and we are here to help facilitate corporate transactions and penetrate growth levers. We have your needs covered from technology, supply chain, marketing, operations, and leadership.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our expert team is dedicated to increasing selling prices for sellers, reducing buyer risk, and aligning both parties to create winning transactions. We prioritize protecting and maximizing the wealth of our clients, leveraging our extensive experience in industries such as e-commerce, transportation, home services, and professional services.

Our Story

About Westport

At Westport Financial, we specialize in empowering small and medium-sized enterprises by streamlining their financial operations. Established out of a frustration with businesses perpetually in financial chaos, we’re committed to transparent billing that protects your cash flow, rather than depleting it. Through our unique blend of modern technology, industry best practices, and a personalized human touch, we’ve developed a comprehensive business program that enables owners to operate their ventures more efficiently, even remotely.

Committed to continuous innovation, we focus on your cash flow and future profitability, adopting a ‘whole business, whole person’ philosophy that sets us apart in the financial consultancy landscape. Welcome to Westport Financial, where your financial success is our shared victory.

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Our Fractional CFO services help owners focus on their business

Family Offices

Our Fractional CFO solutions offer small businesses the benefits of expert accounting and executive guidance without the cost of a full-time position. We focus on enhancing cash flow, profitability, and financial management, elevating your business to new heights affordably.


Our fractional CFOs, also entrepreneurs, get the challenges of startup life—from managing cash flow to working around the clock. We take on your accounting and finance tasks, freeing you to concentrate on operations, marketing, and business growth.

Private Equity

For privately-held SMBs with backing from private investors, venture capitalists, or angel investors, our experienced CFOs simplify the management of financial covenants and ease the complexity of transactions.

Small & Medium Sized Business

Navigating change? Our seasoned CFOs provide SMEs the extra support needed to tackle cash flow issues, boost capital efficiency, and speed up performance. We also specialize in collaborating with banks and lenders to secure capital.

Fractional CFOs: The Best Way to Grow Your Company

Finding the right person to fill your CFO position can be hard if you’re a growing company. The skills needed for this job are diverse and often difficult to find in one person. Luckily, there’s another option: fractional CFOs.

​Fractional CFOs are outsourced experts who can help your company grow without wasting your full-time resources. They offer financial expertise for small and mid-sized companies in venture capital, budgeting, and financial statement review.

​Fractional CFOs are trained to perform the duties of a chief financial officer (CFO) in various industries and business models. They can help you with everything from expanding your product line or internationalizing your operations to streamlining your accounting and tax processes.

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Facing audits from corporate, federal, or independent sources is a daunting task for any business, big or small. Our comprehensive checklist goes beyond just financial audits, covering essential domains like Accounting, Finance, and HR. If your business faces challenges in these areas, our checklist serves as a quick guide, and we also offer specialized advisory and support services to help you navigate through them effectively.

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