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CFO Value for a Fraction of the Cost

At Westport Financial, we focus on improving cash flow and profitability and creating a strategy for long-term business success. From creating Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) to working with lenders, forecasting and budgeting, or financial reporting, our fractional CFOs help your organization improve performance. Every business and industry is different, but we follow a core set of best practices to help you increase cash flow.

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Benefits of Hiring A Fractional CFO

Westport Financial CFOs help business owners and management teams achieve their goals. We take your numbers and financial statements and create easy-to-understand reports and recommendations to improve performance in real-time. Our team understands what banks, investors, and internal managers need to see. We allow business owners to free up their time and focus on their business.


Offload finance, accounting, and cash flow management to focus on your core business.

Simplified Forecasting:

Expert fractional CFOs simplify complex forecasting and provide accurate financial projections.

Strategic Guidance:

Receive financial guidance during market expansion or business plan pivots.

Equity Partner Evaluation:

Fractional CFOs assess financial implications and ensure transparency for equity partnerships.

Effective Capital Management

Fractional CFOs assess financial implications and ensure transparency for equity partnerships.

Cash flow optimization:

Analyze cash flow, implement strategies for improved liquidity and working capital.

Debt Management Expertise:

We can help restructure debt financing, inject new sources of capital, and reduce the overall debt burden.

Access to networks:

Tap into valuable professional networks for partnerships, funding, and industry insights.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Support:

Conduct financial due diligence, assess valuation, and assist in negotiation and integration processes.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Get customized financial guidance aligned with your specific business needs.

Here to Help

At Westport Business Management, our Fractional CFO services modernize your accounting and financial decision-making through tailored programs. Cash flow management is critical to your success. We implement KPIs and systems to track results and make real-time changes. From new M&A opportunities to improving margins, we are committed to your success.

Strategic Financial Management for Our Clients

CFO Advisory Services in strategic matters for expansion, M&A, and corporate transactions

Full-time support for less costs

Cash flow management through treasury services, 13-week forecasting, and payroll administration

Regular meetings to review financials and forecasts

Maintaining relationships with banks, lenders, and investors

Strategic Planning and Execution for 3 and 5 year goals

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Facing audits from corporate, federal, or independent sources is a daunting task for any business, big or small. Our comprehensive checklist goes beyond just financial audits, covering essential domains like Accounting, Finance, and HR. If your business faces challenges in these areas, our checklist serves as a quick guide, and we also offer specialized advisory and support services to help you navigate through them effectively.

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